Do You Need an Executive Coach?


Do you feel undervalued, overworked, overly stressed and seeing a decline in your performance? As anyone suggested executive coaching to you?  If you answered yes, you may be suffering from Leadership Derailment (LD).  This can affect anyone and is the cause of unhappy employees and an unhappy you. There are clear signs that help is needed and why you need to be coachable.

Understanding what executive coaching is and what it’s not is an important step as you prepare to start your coaching journey.  An Executive Coach is not someone who going to tell you what to do or how to run your company.  They are not a mentor, who sometimes spend an indefinite amount of time to help you with career and personal development.  An Executive Coach focuses on you as a leader.  You will work with your coach in an agreed time period and together, you will develop a structured, measured plan and move forward with real measurable results.

Knowing what an Executive Coach does, are you ready? Ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Are you curious?  A leader loves to learn and is open to new innovative things about themselves and the business around them.  They are excited in the journey that lies ahead.   This takes courage.
  2. Are you courageous? A leader must have the ability to step out of their comfort zone to explore new unfamiliar territory.  They are positive in their actions, have passion in what they do and are laser focused on moving ahead.
  3. Are you accountable? Leaders must be accountable for their actions.  They make no excuses, manage expectations, own their mistakes and don’t allow emotions to derail them.

These three key questions are the foundation of leadership development.  In order to become a better leader,  the  the support and assistance of an Executive Coach will get you there. It is critical to your success and legacy.

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