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Donna Tarantino

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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With 35 years of expertise in merchandising, branding and marketing in fashion, beauty and wellness categories, Donna has an innate sense of the consumer allowing her to lead in business development increasing sales revenue worth millions of dollars. As a visionary leader, she drove enterprise business development and constructed 2 consumer-direct divisions.  She has developed strategies, solutions, and success for thousands of direct-to-consumer product and brand launches. She has led by example adding credibility and revenue, establishing a community of brand ambassadors, inspired and brought others along with confidence and influence.   She worked as the Vice President of Merchandising at ShopHQ and led cross-functional teams to revamp and revive the beauty and wellness categories.  As Chief Brand Strategist, she worked closely with the CEO creating a corporate strategy, managing international clients and marketing teams.  Donna held key roles with Creative Commerce, Elemis Skincare, Risdall Marketing, QVC and Macy’s. She started her own brand management consulting business, was a columnist and blogger.  She is a member of CEW, a board member of Fashion Group International, and has been a keynote speaker for various conferences and organizations.

All ILEC Coaches are Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches. They have achieved their distinguished certification by successfully passing 6 ILEC training programs all approved and accredited by the world’s #1 coaching governing body, the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, all ILEC Coaches bring significant significant leadership experience to their client engagements. ILEC Coaches have a strong and authoritative pedigree, however, they are real people who have achieved real results in their businesses and lives and, they are passionate about helping their clients achieve the same.

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

Meeting business leaders, I realized there were skills needed and critical to the success of people and the businesses they lead.   There is a massive need for organizations to develop stronger cultures through leadership.  I have a responsibility to help do that, one leader, one organization at a time.

My vision and mission are similar to the vision of ILEC – “grow leadership, build culture, and drive results.”

Throughout my career, I have worked with many CEOs, founders, beauty and fashion icons launching and creating powerful brands.  I contribute my success to building strong relationships with clients. This allows me to understand a client’s needs, demands and relevant trends in the marketplace.  Working with high profile people, I realized that the contributing factor to their success is presence, confidence and their ability to establish a deep human connection. These are just a few leadership skills and abilities that can be real game-changers and make a huge difference in the success of people and their businesses.

I don’t think that I can just list one personal accomplishment.  My career has truly spilled over into my personal life.  My relationships in business have turned into lifelong friends.  I like this because we have common goals and deep trust in each other.   As we grow, you realize that leadership does not only happen in the boardroom, but it is a part of us and is relevant in everything we do.  As a cancer survivor, I learned what it truly means to survive, take action, and make decisions that affect every part of my life.  I also learned the importance of balance, going off the grid and making the best of any situation.

  1. Real business experience and expertise
  2. Visionary Leadership – big picture thinking
  3. An innovator – I truly love creating and finding innovation

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